The Hospital of Choice

Honeysuckle Day Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility custom-built exclusively for Cosmetic Surgery, Skin Cancer Surgery and General Surgery.

Why should Honeysuckle Day Hospital be your hospital of choice?

  1. Facility
    • Honeysuckle Day Hospital has a non-surgical cosmetic treatment area, a large world-class operating theatre and a fully optioned equipped recovery area.
    • Additional areas within our facility include spaces designed for reception and administration, pre-operative examination area, consultation room, pre-anesthetic administration, scrub bay, instrument sterilization, sterile equipment storage, waiting areas, pharmacy supplies area, waiting for areas and staff amenities.
    • Our operating theatre is suitable for the use of local, regional and general anesthesia and has been designed and equipped to ensure our clinical team is able to provide our patients with the latest surgical advances.
  2. Equipment
    • At Honeysuckle Day Hospital we have invested in the latest and most up to date technology in our pre-operative area, theatres, and post-operative recovery to allow us to provide out our patients with the best experience during their stay.We keep a comprehensive range of premium quality instruments and equipment to ensure convenience and excellence while you operate.
  3. Staff
    • We have hand-picked our highly experienced clinical and administrative team to ensure our patients are treated with courtesy and respect, and patient safety and comfort is always a top priority.
    • Their professionalism ensures that patients and visiting staff alike have a premium experience at Honeysuckle Day Hospital.We are proud to work with a panel of fully qualified and experienced anesthetists local to the Newcastle region.
  4. Quality and Safety
    • Honeysuckle Day Hospital implements a quality management system to the International Standard AS/NZS 9001:2016, and is accredited to National Safety and Quality Healthcare Standards.
  5. Working at Honeysuckle Day Hospital
    • We offer competitive pricing for your uninsured patients while delivering Premium Care and Optimum Results.
    • Promotion of your skills by co-branding with Honeysuckle Day Hospital will help extend your patient base.
    • Being a smaller unit is an advantage enabling us to provide a warm more personalized service for our patients and visiting staff and not a cold corporate environment.
    • It also allows stricter maintenance of the high-quality standards we hold ourselves to.
  6. Location
    • Honeysuckle Day Hospital is situated in the beautiful Honeysuckle foreshore precinct, an area popular with locals and visitors alike. Patients and staff can relax and enjoy stunning Newcastle waterfront views and the beautiful surrounds.
    • Secure underground parking is available for doctors and staff. Patient parking is plentiful and close-by given the locality. Honeysuckle Day Hospital is only 15 min walk from the new Newcastle Interchange, and light rail services, making it even easier for your patients to visit this well-situated facility.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this newly established world-class boutique surgical facility please contact Honeysuckle Day Hospital expressing your interest.

We would be more than happy to organize a tour of our facility as well as a meeting with Honeysuckle Day Hospital’s directors.

Phone: (02) 4058 1915
Fax : (02) 4058 1916