Our Hospital

Located in the heart of Newcastle on the waterfront of the newly redeveloped Honeysuckle precinct, Honeysuckle Day Hospital has been built with the highest standards, designed to provide state of the art facilities and services for all patients.

Built exclusively for cosmetic surgery, skin cancer surgery and general surgery, providing premium and personalized care is at the forefront of what we do at Honeysuckle Day Hospital. We have invested in the most advanced technology featured throughout our world-class purpose-built consultation room, procedure room, operating theatre, and recovery facility. Providing a comprehensive range of services and equipment ensures a safe and patient-centric environment.

Honeysuckle Day Hospital is fully licensed by the NSW Department of Health as a day hospital, with expert staff qualified in providing local, regional and general anesthesia to our patients. Our clinical team are dedicated to providing the best care to our patients with the latest surgical advances and anesthesia monitoring equipment.

After all procedures and surgeries, our patients are moved into our fully equipped recovery facility where they are monitored by the recovery nurse. Once assessed and recovered our patients are discharged. As Honeysuckle Day Hospital is a day surgery facility there is no overnight accommodation.

The promotion of safety is paramount at Honeysuckle Day Hospital. We focus on providing the best care and quality in our all health services. We adhere to all regulations, implementing quality management systems to the International Standard AS/NZS 9001:2016, accredited to National Safety and Quality Healthcare Standards. Putting your safety and individual needs first ensures the best possible outcome.